Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Going Old School

Yup, I recently decided to organize my scrap stuff...and in the process came across some OLD Sizzix Sizzlets...among them are some of my old faves....never used them, but had to have them at the time....so without further ado....

Also, in the process of working on the project for my class in June, I decided to give the Cricut Stamp Making Kit a try....here's my observations....if you follow the instructions on the back of the kit to the letter, the material cuts like butter...however, when attempting to use the stamp, I got less than stellar performance....I believe that it's due to the same issue that most acrylic stamps have...you have to "scratch" the surface before using them...in other words, acrylic stamps usually have a "film" on them that needs to be broken, in order for the ink to properly adhere to the stamp, for a clean stamped image.  But that was just my experience.  Overall, I'm still playing with it, and haven't given up on it.  Next, up, will be an experiment with the Cricut Embossing Folder making kit.  I'll post my results here as well.
Until next time, I hope you have a RIPArts kind of day!!